Please make sure you qualify before presenting your application and fee - the application fees are non-refundable.  Application fee is $50.00. Please bring certified funds for your application fee and your holding deposit.  They need to be in two separate checks (i.e. certified funds).  We do not accept cash.
  • one year of verifiable rental history from a current third party landlord is required.  Verifications from family members are not acceptable. 
  • 1 year of positive reporting towards a mortgage
  • no unlawful detainers or evictions
  • rental history reflecting a positive referral with no outstanding balances
  • credit Requirements- A consumer credit report will be obtained
  • outstanding or past due debt, slow pay, collections, bankruptcies, repossessions, liens, judgments, and wage garnishments may require an additional deposit or may result in the denial of your application
  • criminal Convictions-A search of public records in Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho will be performed
  • any conviction(s) for any felony or misdemeanor may result in an increased deposit or denial of application
  • any applicant currently using illegal drugs or reporting a conviction for the illegal manufacturing or distribution of a controlled substance may be grounds for denial.
  • any individual who may constitute a direct threat to the health and safety of an individual, the complex or the property of others shall be denied.
Please contact Partners Property Management & Sales to make arrangements to view the unit(s) you might like to rent.  Fill out your application and your holding deposit form.

Holding Deposits

Owner/agent is charging this deposit for the purpose of securing the execution of a rental agreement after having approved the application and prior to entering into a rental agreement.  If a rental agreement is executed, the owner/agent shall either apply the deposit toward the moneys due under the rental agreement or refund it immediately to the tenant. If a rental agreement is not executed due to failure by the applicant to comply with this agreement, the owner/agent may retain the deposit.  If a rental agreement is not executed due to a failure by the owner/agent to comply with this agreement within seven (7) days the owner/agent shall return the deposit to the applicant either at the place of business or by mailing the deposit by First Class mail to the applicant.  Proof of timely compliance with this requirement shall include a postmark.

Once approved, please make an appointment to sign your lease and receive keys. All monies are due before keys are given.

Charges for Initiating Tenancy

These fees apply to all individuals; however, additional fees may be applied if warranted:
  • application Fee - $50.00 for each applicant 18 years of age and older due with application (credit, criminal, employment, tenancy background checks)
  • security Deposit - Amount varies. A holding deposit is taken until the lease takes effect. Once lease is in effect, the holding deposit becomes security deposit.
  • first Month's Rent - Amount varies. Due at move in (pro-rated from day of move in due at move in). To calculate your pro-rate you take your (((monthly rent x 12) / 365) x number of days).
  • additional Deposit for Approved Pets - Due at move in.
    • approvals to allow a pet in the dwelling must be accompanied by a $400.00 additional deposit per pet.  Applicants must receive approval from Partners Property Management to have a pet in the dwelling.  Some of our rental dwellings accept pets, others do not.  Please ask one of the Partners Property Management agents for clarification and approval on your rental dwelling.

Payment Options

  • money order
  • personal checks

Work Order Requests

rental property tenants are required per State law to submit a Work Order Request in writing.

Move Out Notification

rental property tenants are required to provide a written 30 day notice prior to the end of the month they vacate their unit.

If You Break Your Lease

if you break your lease, please be advised that you are responsible for the following:
  • you must submit a 30 day notice
  • you will be charged one and a half times your rent if you break your lease.
  • all cleaning, damages, carpet cleaning, move out charges, etc., will be charged to you.
  • any rental references will include the fact that you broke your lease.
  • outstanding balances will be sent to collections after 30 days.